About I Am Hip-Hop

The magazine "I Am Hip-Hop" was born with the goal of educating and informing the minds of young Londoners through the promotion of positivism, culture and social consciousness.

The magazine publishes articles and reviews of music, movies, visual arts, poetry and other socio-cultural themes.

Corporate Image

We presented a proposal that consists of three main elements which complement each other to encapsulate the essence of Hip Hop.

The manuscript style of "I am" was used to represent the urban movement that is part of Hip Hop culture. Also, a sector was incorporated into the logo that offers the client the possibility of regionalizing and diversifying the scope of the image, finally the high visual weight of typography in "Hip-Hop" creates a stable foundation on which other elements are joint to form the logo.

Web Design

Based on customer requirements, we decided to use a Magazine design type that displays the latest articles and multimedia content of the magazine in addition to integration with social networks.

To reflect the multicultural aspect of No Bounds, we used a palette of vibrant colors that complement the minimalist design.