About Jardinor

Jardinor is a gardening company based in Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Bolivia, dedicated to provide a complete landscaping, maintenance and care amongst other related services. They provide a professional service with the highest of regard towards the environment.

Web Design & Development

By using the companies established color scheme and borrowing the minimalistic style used when designing their Android App, we came up with a single page website, which provides the user with a series of sections with the all the relevant information about the company and its services, this way they feel confident enough to get in touch and request a quote.

Android App

Jardinor came to us with a problem, they were in need of a way for their customers to get in touch with them and request a quote for a service in an easy and intuitive way, Break Studio proposed an App which not only gave their customers a way to contact them but also doubles as a way for them to build a client database.

The app has a minimalistic style and uses the corporate colors as a the main scheme, to accomplish the tasks that Jardinor required for this app we used the following technologies:

LOGIN: The users have two way of register into the app via FACEBOOK or using a EMAIL ADDRESS.

GPS: When requesting a service the customers have the option to select the approximate area to work as well as the exact location.

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Using the information provided by the users the administrators have the possibility of providing a quote to the client, which would be delivered via Push Notification.